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A young Fintech Mobility company delivering NextGen MobileAPP for Banking, Financial Services, Securities and Insurance Segments optimizing their investment towards customers from both employees & customers perspective that in turn results with multifold Return on Investment. Zaffer has got more than 100+ man years of experience in Ionic Framework based Hybrid MobileAPP with native capabilities. ZafferAPP uses Google Navigation, Geo Location Tagging, Barcode / QR Code reader, Camera functionalities, IMEI functionalities and other advanced native capabilities of smart phones, tablets, iPads etc.

  • Optimize Performance
    Ionic framework app development is a performance oriented app development. Ionic apps perform and behave great on the latest mobile devices.
  • Ionic CLI (Command line)
    Ionic app development needs just one command to create, build, test, and deploy your Ionic apps onto any platform. Ionic CLI makes Ionic even more powerful mobile development service and tool.
  • Push and Update
    For Ionic apps you can skip the resubmission of your app changes on app store. Just push app changes & new features of your app.
  • Beautiful Designs
    Ionic is focused mainly on the look and feel, and UI interaction of your app. There are powerful UI interactions, gestures, animations, and other things.
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Zaffer Product

Ionic Framework 2.0 / 3.0 Development

Zaffer Technologies with the expertise on Ionic Framework 2.0 & 3.0 understands that at times Bespoke /customized development of MobileAPP are critical for business success rather than customizing Commercially Off The Shelf (COTS) MobileAPP.

At Zaffer we practice advanced technology with Angular.JS, Node.JS, HTML 5.0, Bootstrap, JavaScript and Ionic Framework 2.0 / 3.0 that ensures performance boosted MobileAPP in contrast to PHP or Java based MobileAPP.


With the Domain Expertise & Technology insights of the Zaffer Founders, all the MobileAPP are highly innovative and intelligent. The flexible APIs for integration with any of the existing Software makes MiApp suite a value add to your basket.

Integrated APP with

Google Navigation

Google Geo Location Tagging

QR/Barcode reading

Multi Language capabilities

Our App Features

Truly Hybrid with native capabilities, supports Android, IOS and Windows Operating systems.

  • Develop

    Developed with IONIC, HTML 5.0, Angular.JS, Node.JS, MYSQL/MS SQL / Mango DB

  • Works on Any Device

    You can conveniently access on Smart Phones, iPhones, Tablets, iPads, Desktops, Laptops etc.

  • Fintech Mobility

    Designed to optimize the investment with multi-fold benefits that includes Data Collection, Customer Service, Sales augmentation, expense control, customer on boarding etc.

 zaffertech App Features

Hybrid Mobile Apps

Take a look at benefits of Hybrid apps for your business


This is especially beneficial for users who have poor connectivity and are watching their data usage. Hybrid apps store some information or data offline by using the device’s API.


It is a widely assumed fact that a hybrid apps is faster than any native app. However, you might not know that it is even faster than mobile web apps due to several features. We are leading ionic framework development companies in Chennai.

Hybrid Mobile App

Hybrid apps use the programming of the mobile device itself to help it stay in sync with other mobile applications. This is made possible through overlay or wrapper.


When you use different computers to open different browsers, you may notice that sometimes the entire design undergoes a change. In fact, entire look might become complete unfamiliar on opening it on a computer that you don’t use regularly.

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